Last week our friend, Mariko, called us with some urgent news. She was walking near her house, passing by a Coke vending machine, and heard a meowing. She has an adept ear to cat meows, and knew it was a small baby.
She found a little black kitten hiding from the constant strange sounds of the cars driving by. Since we are part of the cat-rescue-club, she asked us to come quick so we could help it. The kitten was so small, hungry, and probably very hot. We brought a can of wet food to replace the old curding milk-in-a-jar-lid. *****NOTE cats are not meant to drink milk from another animal this is very bad for their digestive system, in fact no animal should be drinking other animals milk (including humans)*****. Well we knew we could not leave the poor thing under this vending machine all alone with no other family around. We took her straight to our local vet and got her checked out. She is only one month old and free from all disease, which is very surprising for a outside cat. We all decided that we should care for her and see if we could find someone to adopt her. Well of course my heart became instantly attached to her and most likely we will keep her. Samantha was afraid that our other cat Jupiter would not accept her. She was right for only the first few days (but that’s normal, cats are quite territorial), then miraculously through pure kitten curiosity they became great friends. It’s amazing watching them play tag and wrestle. We are so happy to have two little ones, have done our part by adopting kitties who truly needed a home and a loving family. Welcome CAPRICA.