The day we...

…drove into the mountains to see an ice festival, and were sorely disappointed to see all the sculptures had nearly melted due to the unseasonal warmth. On the bright side there were some giant snowmen, baked potatoes and natural hot spring foot baths to satisfy us.

… wandered the Aso Kuju national park and entertained ourselves and the other tourists by jumping off of things.

… found Japan’s Little Utah. Seriously. We felt like we had been transported to Weber Canyon on account of the mountains and a little Inn/Cafe/Horseback riding business called El Rancho Grande. Samantha was so excited by the horses, we had to pull over and pet them.

… walked over the Kokonoe suspension bridge. The largest and longest of its kind in the area.

… watched Tyler eat a wild boar hamburger. Yuck.

… discovered a very large pair of sandals.